SIGGRAPH 1999: 26th Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques




Los Angeles, California, United States of America


August 8-13, 1999

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SIGGRAPH Conference Chief Staff Executive: Dino Schweitzer, Capstone
Accounting / Conference Management / Copy Coordination / Marketing and Media / Registration: Smith, Bucklin, & Associates, Inc.
Audio/Visual Support: AVW Audio Visual, Inc.
Conference Administration: Capstone
Exhibition Management: Hall-Erickson, Inc.
Graphic Design / Editing / Web Site: Q LTD
International Services: Linda Hersom, James Scidmore, Scidmore, Hersom, & Others Inc.
Service Contractor: Freeman Decorating Company
Travel Agent: Travel Technology Group

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Conference Committee Chairs:

    Committee Chairs

    Art Gallery: technOasis: Marla Schweppe, Rochester Institute of Technology
    Computer Animation Festival: Brian Blau, SGI
    Courses: Barb Helfer, The Ohio State University
    Creative Applications Lab: The Digital Cafe: Gudrun Enger, SGI
    Electronic Schoolhouse: Educators Program [sigKlDS] Community Outreach: Jodi Giroux, Scarsdale Public Schools
    Anne Richardson, StarMedia
    Jill Smolin, Cinesite Visual Effects
    Emerging Technologies: The Millennium Motel: Kathryn Saunders, Royal Ontario Museum
    Graphics Net: David Spoelstra, Media Machine
    Organizational Development: Gayle Magee, Independent Consultant
    Panels: Jeff Jortner, Sandia National Laboratories
    Papers: Alyn Rockwood, Power Take-Off Software, Inc.
    Pathfinders: John Fujii, Hewlett-Packard Company
    Publications: Stephen N. Spencer, The Ohio State University
    Sketches & Applications: Richard Kidd, Cinesite Visual Effects
    Student Volunteers: Ron Roff, Northrop Grumman California Microwave Systems
    The Studio: Anshuman Razdan, Arizona State University
    SlGGRAPH 98 Conference Chair: Walt Bransford, Thrillistic
    SIGGRAPH 2000 Conference Chair: Jackie White California State University, Los Angeles
    SIGGRAPH 2001 Conference Chair: Lynn Pocock, New York lnstitute of Technology

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