“First Union: Launch” by Beck

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    First Union: Launch


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Industrial Light & Magic


    In ILM’s work for First Union Corporation, both cutting edge and traditional CG techniques were used to depict the turbu-lent financial world. Surrealistic cityscapes were created using a combination of live-action photography, digital matte back-grounds, and painted buildings on cards. In addition to the pho-tographic tricks, an extensive amount of computer graphics was used to create the 3D city and the thousands of digital extras and automobiles. Multiple layers of digital mattes were used to enhance the depth of many scenes.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Steve Beck

    Senior Producer: Paul Hill

    Line Producer: Paul Hettler

    Post Producer: Kip Larsen

    Effects Supervisor: George Murphy

    Production Designer: Sean Hargreaves

    Set Production Design: Chris Farmer

    Post Supervisor: Lori Muttersbach, Diane Caliva

    CG Lead: Tim Stevenson

    Lead Technical Director: Mary Beth Haggerty

    Technical Directors: Melva Young, Branko Grujcic, Marcus Stokes, Kevin Sprout, Indira Guerrieri, Michale Easton

    Modeling/TD: Leandro Estebecorena

    Modeling: Izzy Acar, Neil Lim Sang, Wayne Kennedy, Emmanuel Shiu

    Lead Matchmover: Guy Hudson

    Matchmover: Peter Chesloff

    Viewpaint Consultant: Eric Shafer

    Viewpainters: Richard Moore, Drew Klausner, Kirk McInroy, Jamy Wheless

    Viewpaint/Roto: Josh Lebeau, Ingrid Overgard

    Assistant Technical Director: Tripp Brown
    Head of CG Commercials: John RA Benson

    CGC Project Manager: Kay Rough

    CGC Production Manager: Danielle Dubay

    CGC Production Coordinator: Eric Shroader

    CGC Production Assistant: Erika Engstrom

    CG Resource Assistant: Matt Davies

    Video Technical Assistants: Ian McCamey, Jim Milton

Animation / Video Overview: