SIGGRAPH 2023: 50th Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

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Los Angeles, California, United States of America


Aug 6-10, 2023


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Like the Atomic Age of yesterday, the Information Age of today, and the Imagination Age of tomorrow, SIGGRAPH represents a near-perfect timeline of discovery and advancement in the computer graphics world. For 50 years, the conference has ushered in new breakthroughs, bolstered a community of perpetual dreamers, and mapped a future where exponential innovation isn’t just possible — it’s inevitable.

With that in mind, SIGGRAPH is more than a passive highlight of yesteryear. It’s a system that transcends time, where energy and inspiration continuously coalesce to drive infinite advancement. Celebrating 50 years of our conference presents the opportunity to recognize 2023 as the Age of SIGGRAPH, a living era in the conference legacy that honors the full chronology of the industry, the community, and the organization — then, now, and far into the future.

Together, we have come a long way since the first SIGGRAPH conference in Boulder, Colorado, in 1974. It’s fascinating to look back at the papers presented that year to marvel at how far we’ve come while admiring how forward-thinking the research was, even at that time in history. There is tremendous power and information in looking back at 50 years’ worth of industry advancements. It’s astonishing how prescient some of the so-called “ancient” ideas are, and it’s been fascinating to watch them become more and more relevant through current advances in technology.

Progress is a seamless continuum with threads that overlap, converge, and build upon one another to move forward. That’s where you come in. You, our SIGGRAPH community, are the driving force of creative and technical energy. You advance the ideas and successes of years’ past to design the extraordinary future we have ahead of us.

This year, we celebrate this magnificent milestone in computer graphics and interactive techniques as we embark on the next 50 years of innovation. We invite you to contribute your audacious ideas in computer graphics, digital art, animation, visual effects, new realities, artificial intelligence, research, and more. Let’s celebrate the Age of SIGGRAPH as a living era, one that will reach generations in 2023 and beyond. I look forward to imagining and inventing our bold and bright future, together!

– Erik Brunvand, SIGGRAPH 2023 Conference Chair

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