SIGGRAPH 1994: 21st Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques




Orlando, Florida, United States of America


July 24-29, 1994

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Conference Committee Members:

ACM SIGGRAPH Program Director: Donna Baglio
Accounting: Smith, Bucklin, & Associates
Audio/Visual Support: AVW Audio Visual, Inc.
Conference Coordinator: Patti Harrison
Conference Management: Smith, Bucklin, & Associates
Copy Coordination: Smith, Bucklin, & Associates
Deputy Conference Coordinator: Linda Jean Maher
Environmental Space Designer: Walt Bransford, Premisys Corporation
Events Planning Chair: Brian Blau, Autodesk, Inc.
Exhibition Management: Hall-Erickson, Inc.
Exhibits Chair: David J. Kasik, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Graphic Design/Editing: Quorum Incorporated
International Operations Chair: John Michael Pierobon
Marketing Chair: Randy Nickel, Technology Marketing Consulting
Merchandise Chair: Mark Hall, Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation
Public Relations Chair: Carol Byram, Sony Computer Peripheral Products Company
Public Relations/Marketing: Hi-Tech Communications, Inc.
Registration Chair: Jeff Jortner, Sandia National Laboratories
Speaker Materials Chair: Leigh C. Morgan
Service Contractor: GES Exposition Services
Travel Agent: ATI Travel Management, Inc.

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Conference Committee Chairs:

    Committee Chairs

    Art and Design Show Chair: Deanna Morse, Grand Valley State University
    Audio/Visual and Donations Chair: David Spoelstra, DFS Consulting
    Computer Systems Chair: Ralph Orlick, University of Illinois at Chicago
    Courses Chair: Michael Bailey, San Diego Supercomputer Center
    Electronic Media Chair: Gray Lorig, Barking Trout Productions
    Electronic Theater Co-Chair: Lucy Petrovich, Savannah College of Art and Design
    Electronic Theater Co-Chair: Kathy Tanaka
    Organization Development Chair: Raoul Buron, US Air Force Academy
    Panels Chair: Mike Keeler, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
    Papers Chair: Andrew Glassner, Xerox PARC
    SIGkids Chair: Nancy Ingle, Evans High School
    Student Volunteers Chair: Gary Jackemuk, Digital Domain
    The Edge Co-Chair: Jacquelyn Ford Morie, University of Central Florida
    The Edge Co-Chair: Christopher Stapleton, Jack Rouse Associates
    VROOM Co-Chair: Maxine D. Brown, University of Illinois at Chicago
    VROOM Co-Chair: Thomas A. Defanti, University of Illinois at Chicago

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