Kathy T. Hettinga

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  • United States of America


  • KT Hettinga, Professor of Art and Design, is an active artist in design, digital arts, and prints. She has received national recognition including a Research Fellowship at Yale and an Artist’s Book Residency, Women’s Studio Workshop.

    Her large-scale digital series have been exhibited across the country and in Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Her artists’ books have appeared at Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts, Corcoran Museum and at the Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts. Her work is in the permanent collections of UCLA’s Grunewald Center; university collections of Iowa, Berkeley, Virginia Commonwealth, Yale, and Harvard; and the Rare Book/Special Collections, The Library of Congress.

    Her art and essays have been published in SIGGRAPH, Graphic Design: USA, American Photography 25, and Latin American Fotografia. Hettinga works in artists’ books, design projects for activist causes, and deluxe editions, such as her Grave Images: San Luis Valley (MNMP).



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