SIGGRAPH 1983: 10th Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques




Detroit, Michigan, United States of America


July 25-29, 1983

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Conference Committee Members:

Technical Sessions Committee
Doris Kochanek Film and video shows National Film Board of Canada
R. Daniel Bergeron, University of New Hampshire
Ingrid Carlbom, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Edwin Catmull Lucasfilm Ltd.

Other Conference Support Personnel:

Audio/Visual: Jane Veeder, Independent artist
Conference poster: Baldev Singh, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Merchandising: Michael Herman, Dome Petroleum Limited
Preliminary and final programs:
A. James Baroody Jr.,  Xerox Corporation
Registration: Richard P. Sonderegger Jr., Summagraphics Corporation
Treasurer: Katherine Riordon, Ontario Science Centre
User groups: John French, Exxon Production Research Corporation

Executive Committee Members During this Conference Year:


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Conference Committee Chairs:

    Committee Chairs

    Art Show: Copper Giloth, Real Time Design, Inc.
    Courses Co-Chair:
    Kathy Eastman-Hinrichs, Tektronix, Inc.
    Courses Co-Chair: Tim Stevenson, Graphic Software Systems, Inc.
    Exhibit Co-Chair: Hiram French, Megatek Corporation
    Exhibit Co-Chair: Susan Hartwig-Hood, Megatek Corporation
    Exhibitor Forum: Robert Whitton, Whitton Associate
    Student Coordinator: Stephen Mackay, National Research Council of Canada
    Technical Program (Panels):
    Ronald Baecker, Human Computing Resources Corporation
    Technical Program (Papers): Peter Tanner, National Research Council of Canada

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