Charles A. Csuri

Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • The Ohio State University

Other Affiliation(s):

  • Cranston/Csuri Productions, Inc.



  • Pioneer Charles Csuri 1922-2022, is known as “The father of Computer Art”. Smithsonian Magazine 1995 and Art News 2022. As a professor, fine artist and computer scientist, his research and artistic vision led to advances in software that created new artistic tools for 3D computer graphics, computer animation, gaming and 3d printing – all in advance of their broad commercial applications. Further, since the 1960’s, Csuri experimented with computer-based multimedia, in the form of plotters, canvas and screen prints, milling machine sculpture, holograms, animation, and now NFT’s. His art is a record of advances in a digital artistic movement and creates a unique historic marker for the history of art + computer technology.

    Charles also known as “Chuck” Csuri has lived a life of remarkable achievement, as documented by CNN’s “Portrait of America”. He was the team captain of the OSU national championship football team in 1942 then fought for the U.S. in the Battle of the Bulge, receiving the Bronze star for heroism. He was the youngest professor at OSU with academic degrees in Fine Art, Engineering and Computer Science. Historically he was the first fine artist to get a major research grant from The National Science Foundation. After spearheading developments in the field on computer graphics he created the first computer animation company in the world, Cranston Csuri Productions in 1984. Further Csuri’s historic artistic and technological journey was featured on “The Today Show” and “Entertainment Tonight”. “The Smithsonian Magazine” 1995 cover and article on Csuri further showcased his pioneering Digital Art.

    Charles Csuri was creating digital art till age 99. He will be remembered as a true renaissance man: an athlete, professor, artist and revolutionary innovator who combined art, science, and technology as one of the first pioneers. He is a world renowned artist, influential educator, and inspiring visionary. In today’s art world where technology is highlighted as one of the most powerful forces of innovation and change, Charles Csuri was truly one of the “old guard” and a historic driving force of this revolution and digital art movement.

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