Charles A. Csuri: Sketch Flying Around the Drawing

  • ©1965–1966, Charles A. Csuri



    Sketch Flying Around the Drawing


Creation Year:



    Color pencil on paper


    165 x 203 cm (65 x 80 in)


Artist Statement:

    Six Pages from the Artist’s Sketchbook

    These sketchbook drawings were made when Csuri first started using the computer. They demonstrate ideas and issues that he was struggling with in the context of a drum plotter, a slow computer and punch cards. Csuri asked himself, “What can I do with this process or approach that would be different from my traditional work?” According to Csuri, it was a time of great speculation, and the drawings illustrate that he was thinking in terms of three-dimensional space, with some notion of stereo pairs and flying through a drawing. In the sketchbook, he comments about a three-dimensional path for an object, sine waves, and various transformations.

    Sketch Flying Around the Drawing

    “I thought of the drawing as a three-dimensional piece of sculpture. I envisioned the drawings like layers in three dimensional. My fantasy was to be able to fly around and through my own drawing. Or, the spectator could take a flying trip. I was concerned about a hidden line routine, as I learned more about three-dimensional computer graphics.”
    — Charles A. Csuri

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