SIGGRAPH 1995: 22nd Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques




Los Angeles, California, United States of America


August 6-11, 1995

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Conference Committee Members:

Assistant Conference Coordinator: Robin Myran
Accounting: Smith, Bucklin, & Associates, Inc.
Audio/Visual Support: AVW Audio Visul, Inc.
Conference Coordinator: Betsy Johnsmiller
Conference Management: Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc.
Copy Coordination: Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc.
Director for Conferences: Adele Newton, Newton Associates
Exhibition Management: Hall-Erickson, Inc.
Exhibits Development Chair: John Dill, Simon Fraser University
Graphic Design/Editing: Quorum Incorporated
Marketing Chair: Carolyn Williams, Williams/Keeler
Networking Chair: Marke Clinger, FORE Systems, Inc.
Public Relations/Marketing: Hi-Tech Communications
Service Contractor: GES Exposition Services
Space Planning Chair: Walt Bransford
Speaker Materials: AVW Audio Visual, Inc.
Travel Agent: ATI Travel Management, Inc.
Treasurer: Ed Brabant, Megatek Corporation

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Conference Committee Chairs:

    Committee Chairs

    Art Gallery Chair: Ken O’Connell, University of Oregon
    Computer Animation Festival/Electronic Theatre Co-Chair: Joan Collins, Independent Producer
    Computer Animation Festival/Electronic Theatre Co-Chair: Frank Foster, Sony Picture Imageworks
    Computer Systems Chair: Tom Hutton, San Diego Supercomputer Center
    Courses Chair: Wayne Carlson, The Ohio State University
    Electronic Media Chair: Jamie Thompson, Tivoli Systems, Inc.
    Interactive Communities Co-Chair: Coco Conn, Digital Circus Productions
    Interactive Communities Co-Chair: Andy Goodrich, Parallax Graphics
    Interactive Communities Co-Chair: Rob Hennigar, Art Center College of Design
    Interactive Entertainment Chair: Isaac Victor Kerlow, Pratt Institute
    International Chair: Midori Kitagawa De Leon, The Ohio State University
    Organizational Development Consultant: Raoul Buron, Center for Creative Leadership
    Panels Chair: Leo Hourvitz, Pixar
    Papers Chair: Rob Cook, Light Source, Inc.
    SIGGRAPH 94 Conference Chair: Dino Schweitzer, Capstone Management Group
    SIGGRAPH 94 Conference Coordinator: Patti Harrison
    SIGGRAPH 96 Conference Coordinator: Molly Morgan
    Student Volunteer Chair: Amit Parghi, The Banff Centre for the Arts

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