Leslie Wilson: Ladies Dance

  • ©1995, Leslie Wilson

  • ©1995, Leslie Wilson

  • ©1995, Leslie Wilson



    Ladies Dance


Creation Year:



    Computer graphics, textiles, and LEDs


    10 x 18 x 15 feet


Artist Statement:

    This proposed work will feature three tapestries created through various techniques of transferring computer imagery to cloth. Each tapestry is approximately 4 feet wide by 6 feet tall. They should be hung about tow feet a part and ideally on three walls or screens to form a triptych. The tapestries are entitled Portrait Short Hair, LED Doll Head, and LED Dollabra. The tapestries require AA batteries.

    Three dresses that have been embellished with computer graphics, LEDs and other imagery will be hung from the ceiling in a triangular formation in front of the tapestries. The dresses will wave and spin gently like mobiles. The dresses are entitled Rabbits & Rhinestones, Astronaut Dazzle, and Yellow Rose Glows. The dresses require AA batteries.

    An Interactive animation Ladies Dance, created with MacroMind Director and delivered on CD as a self-running file, will run from a Macintosh with at least 8Mb of RAM. A mouse will be provided for users to explore the animation which features the song The Girl from Ipanema sung by Tracy Tandy with instrumentals by Chris Bohn.