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Welcome to the SIGGRAPH 95 Art Gallery

This year, the Art Gallery presents work in a wide variety of art forms. Artists throughout the world are working with computers to produce both objects and environments for us to experience. At SIGGRAPH 95, artists from 13 countries display a broad range of work, from framed wall pieces to installations and interactive environments. New features this year include both traditional artist’s books and electronic artist’s books, which allow computer-mediated inter­action with the content and the presentation. The SIGGRAPH 95 Art Gallery also features the new field of digital illustration and postal art from all over the world, mounted together in frames to show the range of images that are now being created and passed through the mail.

The presence of SIGGRAPH 95 and the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery in Los Angeles has created the opportunity for many galleries in the Los Angeles area to host special exhibitions of electronic art. A list of these gallery events is included in the SIGGRAPH 95 Program and Buyer’s Guide.


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I have been teaching art and practicing art for almost 30 years. I love the inquiry, exploration, invention, and transfor-mation in the processes involved in the forming of art. In a word or two, it is the “total experience” that leads to the thing we call art. Please look at the SIGGRAPH 95 Art Gallery in this light. Imagine the inquiry and experience that was involved in producing what you see and what you experience. Read these two essays with the idea that behind the art is an experience and idea that we hope to understand.

James Faure Walker of London has written a very fine personal view of a painter and teacher trying to bridge the gap between painting and the computer. He has taken ideas from his experiences in both forms and presents them for us to consider. It so happens that his work was also selected for the Art Gallery and so you can see, first-hand, his art work on display.

Starla Stensaas, who teaches at Dana College in Nebraska, has written an excellent theoretical essay discussing the shift in thinking from oral and print forms into the electronic digital culture of today. Starla, an artist working in this area between print culture and digital culture, is also represented by her artist’s books in the SIGGRAPH 95 Art Gallery.

Ken O’Connell
Art Gallery Chair

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