Ante Magzan: War inside my head

  • ©, Ante Magzan



    War inside my head



    Interactive computer display


Artist Statement:

    As many of you already know my homeland Croatia is involved in a war and that whole idea of war and destruction is something that I have to live with and it is not easy. It is not easy especially when I know that my family is there, and my friends are there, and also I will be there in a year. I don’t think that I am afraid to die in the war but I think that I am confused (a lot!)

    This program is a product of that confusion and the search for my identity. This is a self portrait in a way but not just of myself. It includes my homeland (which I love and I am ready to die for), and it includes all those innocent children that were killed, and all the mothers and daughters and sisters that were raped by aggressors. It includes all the homes that were bombed and burned and all the churches that were destroyed. It also includes my thoughts. All of those things are part of me and I can’t escape from them. They are part of my life, my dreams and nightmares, they are inside my head…

    There are many people here in the United States who ask me about the war and how I feel about it and what is actually going on. Sometimes it is hard for me to explain it using words only (especially in English which is not my native language) so I hope that this interactive work will help them, and everybody else to understand it better.

    War inside my head is dedicated to the children-victims of war in my Croatia.