SIGGRAPH 1991: 18th Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques




Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America


July 28 - August 2, 1991

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Conference Committee Members:

Accounting: Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc
ACM SIGGRAPH Program Director: Lois A. Blankstein, Association for Computing Machinery
Audio Visual Support: Audio Visual Headquarters Corporation
Conference Coordinator: Molly Morgan-Kuhns
Conference Management: Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc.
Exhibits: Norm Abelson
Exhibition Management: Robert T. Kenworthy, Inc.
Graphic Design: Quorum Incorporated
Local Arrangements: B.J. Anderson, The Anderson Report
Marketing: Bob Pearson, Regis McKenna, Inc.
Materials: Mark Resch, Computer Curriculum Corporation
Proceedings Editor: Richard J. Beach, Xerox PARC
Public Relations: Larry Lytle, Netwise, Inc.
Public Relations: Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc
Registration: Jeff Yates, Wavefront Technologies
Service Contractor: Andrews-Bartlett, Exposition Services
Slide Sets: Eric Bosch, McMaster University
Speaker Materials: Dave Nadeau, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Travel Agent: ATI Travel Management, Inc.
Treasurer: Brian Herzog, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Vice Chair for Conference Planning: Andrew C. Goodrich, Raster0ps

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Conference Committee Chairs:

    Committee Chairs

    Art and Design Show: Isaac Victor Kerlow, Pratt Institute
    Courses: Rich Ehlers, Evans and Sutherland
    Electronic Theatre: Sally Rosenthal, Digital Equipment Corporation
    Educators’ Program: Steve Cunningham, California State University Stanislaus
    Hypermedia: Garry Beirne, Alias Research Inc.
    International Liaison: Richard M, Mueller, Dynamic Graphics, Inc,
    Papers: Thomas W. Sederberg, Brigham Young University
    Panels: Robert L. Judd, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Special Interest Groups: John E. French, Jr. GeoQuest Systems, Inc.
    Student Volunteer Program: Vicki Putz, Vicki Putz Design
    Virtual Reality: Steve E. Tice, SimGraphics Engineering Corporation
    Workshops: Ed Brabant, Megatek Corporation

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