“Managing Time in Multimedia” Moderated by Jonathan Rosenberg

  • ©Thomas Little, Roger Dannenberg, Steven (Steve) Newcomb, William (Bill) Buxton, and Karon Weber



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    Managing Time in Multimedia



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    Much attention has been focused on techniques for dealing with static (non-temporal) multimedia presentations, but methodologies for temporal, full-motion video, audio, and animated multimedia presentations have been largely ad hoc. Recently, researchers have begun a series of careful investigations to determine appropriate representations for temporal information in multimedia presentations and techniques for delivering them.
    This panel assembles prominent researchers active in the areas of multimedia documents and time-based media to discuss the management of temporal multimedia information. They address: what sort of temporal information should be represented and manipulated; why temporal information should be represented declaratively or procedurally; current formalisms and representations; and the latest research in these areas.

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