“Managing thousands of assets for the Prince of Persia city of Alamut” by Meeres-Young, Ricklefs and Tovell

  • ©Gregory Meeres-Young, Hannes Ricklefs, and Robert Tovell




    Managing thousands of assets for the Prince of Persia city of Alamut



    The medieval Persian city of Alamut was constructed with over one hundred thousand assets. From pot to palace, it provided the stunning playground in which an adventurous prince struggled to protect the sands of time. This colossal environment was subject to intense scrutiny as dizzying up-close action seamlessly transitioned to sweeping panoramic cityscape views. Short schedules and the necessity to accommodate dynamic changes at any point in the production, precluded the use of the existing environments pipeline and forced a re-think. In its place, a pipeline enabling highly parallel workflow across multiple departments was created with an artist-friendly toolset. This talk discusses the methodology and challenges involved in creating effective pipelines for the construction of large assets such as the greating city of Alamut.


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