SIGGRAPH 1992: 19th Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

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  • Maxine D. Brown -
    • Maxine Brown Associates
    • University ofllinois at Chicago


Chicago, Illinois, United States of America


July 26-31, 1992

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Conference Committee Members:

Conference Coordinator: Patti Harrison
Assistant to Coordinator: Jo Dee McDonnell
Audio-Visual Chair: David Spoelstra, Truevision
Chair Care Chair: Thomas A. DeFanti, University of Illinois at Chicago
Events Planning Chair: Ellyn Gore, Convex Computer Corporation
Exhibits and Showcase Chair: James E. George, Mesa Graphics, Inc.
Facilities Coordinator: Walt Bransford, Premisys Corporation
Marketing Chair: Thomas I. Prudhomme, MCNC
Promotional Materials Chair: Kathryn McKee, AT&T
Public Relations Chair: Kathryn R. Riemer, IBM Corporation
Registrations Operations Chair: Michael H. Bigbee, Alternative Software, Inc.
Slides Sets Chair: John Fujii, Hewlett-Packard Company
Speaker Materials Chair: Clark Dodsworth, Jr., VideOcart, Inc.
Treasurer: Steven M. Van Frank, Lynxys, Inc.

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Conference Committee Chairs:

    Committee Chairs

    Art Show Chair: John Grimes, Illinois Institute of Technology
    Computer Systems Chair: Ralph Orlick, University of Illinois at Chicago
    Courses Chair: Alan Norton, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
    Electronic Theater and HDTV Events Chair: Gray Lorig, Barking Trout Productions
    G-Tech Chair: Branko J. Gerovac, Digital Equipment Corporation/MIT Media Laboratory
    International Liaison: Richard M. Mueller, Minneapolis College of Art and Design
    Panels Chair: Bruce H. McCormick, Texas A&M University
    Papers Chair: Edwin E. Catmull, Pixar
    SIGkids Chair: Coco Conn, Homer & Associates
    Student Volunteers Chair: Mark Hall, Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation

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