Irwin M. Jarett

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  • Graphic M*I*S, Inc., Chairman


  • Chicago, Illinois, United States of America


  • SIGGRAPH 1992

    Irwin M. Jarett is co-founder and Chairman of Graphic M*I*S. Inc., one of the firms pioneering in the presentation of financial graphics. Dr. Jarett’s has created a financial graphic alphabet that describes the business implications of business operations. The financial graphic alphabet provides the foundation for the financial graphic standards proposed by the Illinois Society of CPAs. He is the author of Financial Reporting Using Computer Graphics. (John Wiley & Son’s. 1983 & 1987) and is currently writing a reference manual on the same subject for publication in late 1992. Dr. Jarett is the first and current Chairman of the Illinois Society of CPA’s Computer Show.  

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