SIGGRAPH 2006: 33rd Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America


July 30 - August 3, 2006

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Conference Committee Members:

ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Chief Staff Executive: Bob Niehaus, Talley Management Group, Inc.
SIGGRAPH 2006 Conference Manager: Francesca Regan, Talley Management Group, Inc.
Audio Visual Support: AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions
Conference Administration: Talley Management Group, Inc,
Conference Management / Copy Coordination / Marketing and Media: SmithBucklin Corporation
Exhibition Management: Hall-Erickson, Inc.
General Services: Freeman Decorating Company
Graphic Design/Editing/Web Site: Q LTD
Registration: ExpoExchange, LLC
Teapot Exhibit: Marc J. Barr, Middle Tennessee State University
Travel Agent: Travel Technology Group
XSV: Ex-Student Volunteer Mentoring Program: Jacquelyn Martino, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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Conference Committee Chairs:

    Committee Chairs

    Art Gallery: Bonnie Mitchell, Bowling Green State University
    Computer Animation Festival: Terrence Masson, Digital Fauxtography Inc.
    Courses: Dave Shreiner, φ(52) Consulting
    Development Donations Coordination: Peter Braccio, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
    Educators Program: Marc J. Barr, Middle Tennessee State University
    Emerging Technologies: Tom Craven, The Walt Disney Company (retired)
    GraphicsNet: David Spoelstra, Blackmagic Design
    Guerilla Studio: Kimberly Voigt, Temple University, Tyler School of Art
    International Resources: Kirsten Cater, University of Bristol
    Outreach: Scott Lang, Bergen County Academies, Lynn Pocock, New York Institute of Technology
    Panels: David (grue) Debry, Electronic Arts, Inc.
    Papers: Julie Dorsey, Yale University
    Pathfinders: Lou Harrison, North Carolina State University
    Publications: Stephen N. Spencer University of Washington
    Research Posters: Michael McGrath, Colorado School of Mines
    SIGGRAPH 2005 Conference Chair: James L. Mohler, Purdue University
    SIGGRAPH 2007 Conference Chair: Joe Marks, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)
    SIGGRAPH 2008 Conference Chair: Jacquelyn Martino, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    SIGGRAPH 2009 Conference Chair: Ronen Barzel
    Sketches: Hanspeter Pfister, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)
    Special Sessions: Josh Strickon, The New York Times Company
    Student Volunteers: Jaime E. Radwan

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