Addictive TV: The Eye of the Pilot

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    The Eye of the Pilot



    Live multimedia perfomance


Artist Statement:

    The visual and musical journey takes the audience to places such as Karachi, Ivory Coast, Saigon, Tahiti, and San Francisco, capturing the romantic innocence of the world at a time when traveling with a home movie camera was still highly unusual. The performance gives a rare glimpse into the beginnings of a world that we all now take for granted, where recording of images and international travel are common place.

    Interwoven with stylized interviews with pilot Raymond Lamy, the original footage is re-worked with graphics to a new and original soundtrack by Addictive TV, which features live guitar from French artist Alejandro de Valera, who specializes in composing for and playing his rare, custom-built fretless guitars.

    The Eye of the Pilot was supported by the Paris arts board Arcadi as part of their experimental multimedia grants. It has been performed at several venues, including the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the National Theatre in London, and The Cologne Museum of Applied Arts.

Technical Information:

    The Eye of the Pilot can be described as a live cinema performance, as both the audio and visuals are performed live, which is possible only with thanks to recent developments in audio/visual performanet technology. Addictive TV use professional DVD turntables (the DVJ: X1), which they helped test and launch for Pioneer a few years ago.

    AV Performance Software: VJammPro, alongside Ableton Live audio software and live guitars.

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