Bruno Feijó

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro


  • Bruno Feijó is Associate Professor and director of undergraduate studies in the Computer Science Department of the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. Also he is general manager and founder of VisionLab, a R&D center for special effects, digital TV/cinema, games, and visualization. He is the president of the Game and Entertainment Special Commission of the Brazilian Computer Society. He is co-founder and one of the directors of the Visualization Brazilian Network, which is part of the Brazilian government policy for research, development, and teaching of game technology in Brazil. Furthermore, he was the advisor of the first PhD and MSc students on games in South America.

    He believes that the way we currently introduce the concepts of computer science to young people is old and boring. Games, simulations, and interactivity might be the solutions we are looking for, but they should be much more than mere subjects for the students’ final projects.