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  • University of North Carolina


  • Tiffany Barnes, founding director of the Game2Learn Research Laboratory, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She received her PhD in computer science, and Masters degrees in mathematics and computer science from North Carolina State University. Dr. Barnes has taught summer game programming camps for middle school, high school, and college students, where a creative context has inspired students to learn more and see computing in a different light. She began teaching Computer Game Design in Fall 2004, and is working to create both graduate and undergraduate Certificates of Game Development at UNC Charlotte. She recently received a National Science Foundation “Broadening Participation in Computing” grant, for building the STARS Alliance, a partnership to engage more young people, and particularly underrepresented minorities, in computing.

    As a member of the North Carolina Serious Games Initiative, Dr. Barnes believes that the real power of game and entertainment technologies is people: these technologies have the potential to allow people to create, communicate, visualize, learn, and solve problems more quickly and intuitively. Her Game2Learn Research Lab is developing an interactive role-playing game to teach computer science, where students must solve computing problems, and create new game behaviors and content, to achieve game-related goals. Our first game quest is designed for learning introductory programming, but game quests centered on learning other computing topics including Artificial Intelligence are planned. One of our major goals is to develop a game that is motivational, fun, and effective, for a diverse population of students.

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