“Game and Interactivity in Computer Science Education” by Rocca, Schwartz, Chagas, Tori and Barnes

  • ©Jason Della Rocca, Jon Schwartz, Maria das Graças Chagas, Romero Tori, and Tiffany Barnes




    Game and Interactivity in Computer Science Education



    Interactive computer graphics and games are powerful tools that can be used in the educational process. Much research shows that the learning process is highly enhanced when this kind of approach is used in computer science teaching, not only because of the motivation they engender, but also because high end results can be easily generated with relatively little effort.

    In fact, both interactive and game tools are growing in importance for supporting computer science learning, since they are capable of covering many of the typical topics included in the curriculum: Linear Algebra, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Network, Real Time Simulations, Human Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, among other important topics.


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