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  • Morrison Schwartz Inc.


  • Jon Schwartz is a founder of Morrison Schwartz, Inc., a software development and consulting company. Morrison Schwartz is a software development and consulting company based in the Seattle area. In 2005, Morrison Schwartz created and released the Kid’s Programming Language (KPL), a freeware programming environment that engages beginning programmers by emphasizing game development, graphics, sounds and animation.

    His work consists at creating, evangelizing and supporting the freeware Kid’s Programming Language (KPL). This is the best evidence that can offer of his own belief in the importance and usefulness of games and interactivity in Computer Science education. KPL is a programming language and IDE designed for beginners, and engaging beginners specifically by making it easy to program graphics and games. The importance and usefulness of this approach are being demonstrated by the global response to KPL, and feedback from teachers, parents and beginners who are using it. KPL is also presented in detail as a separate SIGGRAPH 2006 paper.

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