Katja Noppes: Exuvia

  • ©, Alessandro Capozzo and Katja Noppes






    Art installation, analog-digital mixed media


    75" x 22.5" x 25"


Artist Statement:

    The collaboration between Alessandro Capozzo and Katja Noppes is based on the possibilities of merging different experiences in different media: coding as an expressive medium and painting as an analogue process. Exuvia is the first result of their method.

    The installation suggests a narrative flow, starting from a meta­morphosis – referring to an empty chrysalis (exuvia) as the printed memory of an absent object – until the spreading wings climax: vital, delicate and ephemeral as software could be. Interaction between an analogue medium and a digital one forms a synthesis of the properties of these two elements, transcending mere software objectification and material dynamization.

Technical Information:

    Exuvia is a mixed-media installation consisting of a semi-transparent synthetic-material mould of a desktop computer (and its peripher­als) and an LCD display with an epoxy-resin layer mounted on. A representation of dragonfly wings has been imprinted into the resin by several analogue processes. Semi-generative software (built with Processing) is visualized on the prepared LCD display: a set of attractors “drive” a cellular-automata flow through the wing’s lines of force.

    Custom software: (built with Processing).
    Screen: 30 x 36 centimeters. Epoxy resin on LCD display.
    Moult: 190 x 57 x 64 centimeters. Synthetic material with
    talcum powder.
    Various hardware, cables, and iron mongery.

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