Sandra Crisp: Infoscan 4

  • ©, Sandra Crisp



    Infoscan 4



    Archival inkjet print


    17" x 39"


Artist Statement:

    The fact that digital materials are entirely code driven, mutable and transformable presents entirely new possibilities for the creative process and visual representation. Eclectic materials archived on a computer’s hard drive are reworked and recycled over time. Through continual cut and pasting, layering and erasing, unusual juxtaposi­tions emerge between ordinarily unrelated materials. The digital archive becomes an extension to the mind, memory and creativity. Complex dynamic visuals form a mapping of time and process, mir­roring the constant flow of information through databases and the media in our current society.

    Exhibited small scale detail appears dense and compact, but as a large-format panoramic image, more and more embedded informa­tion is gradually revealed to the viewer.

Technical Information:

    Works are entirely digitally generated using a PC and assembled onscreen using Photoshop layering techniques.

    Digital materials are collected mainly using a digital camera and occasionally a flatbed scanner. Vector drawing is created using a mouse. Screen grabs are frequently used to flexibly import jpegs and gifs from different open program windows (internet browsers and word processing software for example). The image resolution is high and the file dimensions large to increase high saturation and detail for large format printing.