Terry Calen: 0512

  • ©, Terry Calen






    3D modeled image, archival inkjet print


    24" x 24"


Artist Statement:

    Since first becoming aware of 3D rendering technology in the mid-1980s, I believed it was the perfect medium for expressing one’s imagination. While it is most commonly used to mimic reality, I prefer using this technology to create clean, bold, graphical images that clearly do not mimic reality but do have a photographic quality about them.

    My underlying inspirational sources are mostly hidden. Although it may be obvious that many of my images are inspired by nature. Those sources are only starting points for exploration and often evolve based on discoveries I make along the way. There are usually several related perspectives to explore, and each may develop separately over time. This was the case with the image presented here. It is one of several images, originally inspired by dreaming about pixels, in which I used rectangular blocks as compositional elements. Each of these images explores, from a slightly different perspective, a long-held fascination with structure.

Technical Information:

    The image was modeled using Luxology’s Modo subdivision surface modeler, and rendered to 10,000 x 10,000 pixels in Electric Image Animation System. Texturing was done using procedural shaders from El Technology Group, Konkeptoine, and Triple D Tools. Adobe Photoshop was used for compositing and touchup. It was printed on Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper using Ultrachrome inks and an Epson 7600 printer.