Ed Eaton: Wall Sculpture with Postits

  • ©, Ed Eaton



    Wall Sculpture with Postits



    CG-generated 2D image (3ds Max)


    42" x 32"


Artist Statement:

    This work combines and contrasts the highly architectural and sculp­tural materials of acrylic sheet and polished stainless steel with the ubiquitous, instantly disposable office Postlt note. Each red acrylic square holds a fresh, unmarked Postlt.

    The work forces viewers to re-address their views on tough, struc­tural materials and everyday, throw-away objects.

Technical Information:

    Unable to produce large-scale sculpture in real time, Ed Eaton uses 3ds Max to produce virtual pieces of sculpture that look real but are unaffected by irritating real-world influences such as gravity.

    Working in the CG world, complex pieces can be completed in a matter of hours, using any material, and at any scale.

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