Sherban Epuré: Cybernetic Ceremony in Black Velvet

  • ©, Sherban Epuré



    Cybernetic Ceremony in Black Velvet



    Inkjet print


    40" x 30"


Artist Statement:

    This work is a storyboard that describes a development in two stages. In step one I build a Meta-Phorm. A Meta-Phorm (meta + metaphor + form) is intended to be the visual appearance of an ab­stract creative proposition by setting geometrical forms into a game relationship that emulates a cybernetics model (a situation where various structures or systems are interconnected by input, output, and feedback events).

    I consider all the visual elements that participate in the build-up from the fine-art point of view. The scripts, graphs, and formulas in the left side alongside the 12 profiles at the bottom of the page, describe geometrical events of the developments in the central image and provide an environment for it. Any included symbol fulfills two mean­ings: the mathematical sequence and as a visual sign in the fine-art composition. Therefore, not all the mathematical developments are detailed, and they are inserted only when considered appropriate from the final composition’s point of view. I use conventional and/or personal mathematical symbols.

    In stage two, the Meta-Phorm created in stage one is handed over to the mathematical operations buried deep in the multiple features of the software/hardware. They analyze, recognize, and extract electronic/mathematical attributes that the image is reduced to and reorganize, shift, and transform them. Connected as a mathematical continuum of numbers and formulas, the colors, their shape, and the surfaces they occupy are handled simultaneously and there­fore make up a new unified meta-composition, which could not be invented otherwise.

Technical Information:

    By its very nature, my concept originates, exists and unfolds in the realm of abstract thinking. The computer is required if the work is to become visually explicit and reach its full potential. Everything needed to accomplish this goal is provided by commercially available technologies, such as the Adobe Professional Design Suite software. They provide filters and effects that I use in overlapping and recur­rent successions to serve the concept of the piece.