SIGGRAPH 2005: Threading Time

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Art Show Overview:

The overarching goal of the 2005 Art Gallery is to show artwork that maps data or traces threads in time and space. This year, the art gallery will show digital artwork from the cerebral to the visceral, work that challenges the audience’s perceptions of time and place. Each piece is inherently digital: it cannot exist without computer graphics. The artists examine the passage of time in their work: some lingering, some looping, some humorous, some perennial.

Six award-winning artists have graciously accepted my invitation to exhibit their works in the SIGGRAPH 2005 Art Gallery: Camille Utterback, Shelley Eshkar and Paul Kaiser, Perry Haberman, Jim Campbell, and John Gerrard. Each of these esteemed artists expresses threading time in a unique way. They are among the most innovative contemporary artists using digital media today.

Artwork in the SIGGRAPH 2005 Art Gallery is organized by content rather than by media, to emphasize meaning. Here the technology is in the service of the art. Themes include: mapping, dynamic landscape, moving gestures, portraiture, narrative, generative art, networked projects, artificial life, body and identity, media activism, surveillance, commercialization, and convergence. Six Art Papers are presented in the catalog. The Art Gallery features Artist Panels and Artists’ Talks that frame contemporary digital art practices.

Threading Time was juried by a preeminent group of jurors, artists, curators, and computer graphics and arts professionals. From more than 1,100 submissions, the jury selected 52 artists whose works are both figurative and abstract. To provide a deeper window into the artists’ work, more artwork by fewer artists was selected. Some of the work is code driven, and some is narrative; some is political and intellectual, while other work is personal and emotional. Some of the work maps aesthetic preferences, while other work creates aesthetic experiences interactively.

The jury considered work that:

• Addresses the theme and traces threads through time and space

• Is content driven

• Is visually compelling

• Uses the technology in the service of the art

• Demonstrates a clear reason for the use of digital media

2005 is a time for cooperation, community, and networking. In this spirit, The 2005 SIGGRAPH conference is rich with collaboration among its programs and beyond. Emerging Technologies and the Art Gallery are sharing overlapping space to show six interactive art installations. These two programs are also demonstrating the very nature of collaboration by presenting compelling distributed performances and art panels on the Access Grid. The Art Gallery is collaborating with the Computer Animation Festival to present, for the first time in SIGGRAPH history, a mini-show of storyboard and concept art. Art animations, juried through the Computer Animation Festival, are shown in an intimate screening room in the Art Gallery. Some of the Art Gallery artists are participating in Sketches and the Web Program.

We have reached a true paradigm shift in art making. Digital technologies are ubiquitous, and artists are using them in exciting ways to express time-honored as well as new ideas. And these ideas are evolving with the technology. The SIGGRAPH 2005 Art Gallery: Threading Time showcases these artworks.

Linda Lauro-Lazin

Art Gallery Chair



Lynn Pocock, New York Institute of Technology

Dominique Nahas, Independent Critic and Curator

Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Brown University

Jon Ippolito, Guggenheim Museum

Christina Yang, Media Arts Curator, The Kitchen

Jacquelyn Martino, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


1st Tier Reviewers

Joanna Berzowska, Concordia University

Marc Böhlen, State University of New York at Buffalo

Claire F. Doyle, Red Beret Design

Rick Barry, Pratt Institute

Daniel Durning, New York Institute of Technology

Rejane Spitz, Pontifica Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, SIGGRAPH 2005 International Resources Chair

Steve Rittler, William Patterson University

Cheryl Stockton, Stockshot Studio and Pratt Institute

Ruth West, National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research, University of California, San Diego

Dena Eber, Bowling Green State University

Lina M. Yamaguchi, Stanford University

Anita Wetzel, Independent Artist, WSW

Jeff Mayer, Jeff Mayer & Partners, LLC

Suzana Milevska, Independent writer and curator, Goldsmiths College, Skopje/London



Roy Ascott, Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth

Garth Garrett, Independent Writer

Madge Gleeson, Western Washington University

Peter Mackey, Pratt Institute

Jeff Mayer, Jeff Mayer & Partners, LLC

Bonnie Mitchell, Bowling Green State University, SIGGRAPH 2006, ART GALLERY CHAIR

Cheryl Stockton, Stockshot Studio and Pratt Institute

Ruth West, National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research University of California, San Diego

Dena Eber, Publications, Bowling Green State University

Alex Jimenez, Technical Support Pratt Institute

Natalie Moore, Art Director, Art Website, Pratt Institute

Beth Warshafsky, Art Gallery Video, Promo Producer, Pratt Institute

Yaryna Wynar, Graduate Assistant, Pratt Institute


Exhibition Artworks: