Anna Dumitriu: Bed Flora

  • ©2005, Anna Dumitriu



    Bed Flora


Creation Year:



    16 inches x 20 inches


    Lightjet print


Artist Statement:

    I have been working in collaboration with scientists for over eight years, and over that time, I have become increasingly fascinated by microscopy and in particular bacterial life. Pathogenic bacteria have shaped the history of the world through plague and pestilence, but their non-pathogenic bacteria relatives help us in our everyday lives to perform mundane tasks such as digesting food. It is even suspected
    that mitochondria (the powerhouses in the heart of our cells) may even be bacteria that formed a symbiotic relationship with their host at the early stages of evolutionary development. I am currently working on a major project entitled Normal Flora, looking at the unseen microbial life that shares our world, and I am developing a performance-based installation piece. These Normal Flora prints have a paint-like quality that relates closely to my earlier work.