Anna Dumitriu: X and Y (number 5)

  • ©2004, Anna Dumitriu



    X and Y (number 5)


Creation Year:



    Digitally enhanced photograph


    16 inches x 20 inches with frame


Artist Statement:

    For a long time, my work has been concerned with the subject of immortality. I am trying to develop an understanding of the scientific background of the subject, from HeLa Cells to genetic engineering and various other forms of therapy used to prolong life. I have created a large body of work based on Vitamin C molecules, human-cell biology, and DNA. I created a series of drawings and watercolours in the Genetics Department of St. Georges Hospital in London while looking at cells through a microscope. In particular, I looked at chromosomes. These experiences led me to create a series of digitally enhanced, “mocked-up” photographs of X and Y chromosomes. Some of the images appear frozen, which is a reference to cryonincs, the method of freezing the dead with the hope of re-animating them in the future when medical science has evolved.

Technical Information:

    I used a canon digital camera to take the original image, which was then transferred to my Macintosh G4 computer. Then, using Adobe Photoshop 7, I adjusted levels and enhanced the image. The final image was professionally printed on photo glossy paper.