Ji-Young Kim: Point of View

  • ©2005, Ji-Young Kim



    Point of View


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Artist Statement:

    The performance has three different screens of three different points of view. The long white scarf has ambiguities that suggest other meanings, such as woman’s ego, child’s memory, and god’s power. Salp’ uri (Korean Spirit-Cleansing Scarf Dance) is a tool to express my point of view because the dance means literally to wash evil spirits. It is the solo dance of spiritual cleansing. The only tool the performer uses is a long white scarf as she moves through a series of emotions from sadness to invigorating joy. The performer expresses a woman’s desire to call her identity back to the world of the living. The white scarf is a symbol of life, virginity, birth, space, time, and emotion. The performance does not fulfill any religious function. It only portrays itself in every step. During this process, the performer’s movement reveals striking energy and movement as she creates each shape of the long white scarf .

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