Mark Millstein: Reach Kite

  • ©2005, Mark Millstein



    Reach Kite


Creation Year:



    Inkjet on paper, mixed media


    54 inches x 16 inches


Artist Statement:

    The design of kite forms is born from my inclination for combining the disciplines of digital imaging, printmaking, and sculpture. I employ digital tools to appropriate, composite, and manipulate elements of photography, drawing, and synthetic images, which are applied onto natural-fiber paper using wide-format inkjet printers. Design variables and elements are also derived from historic Chinese, Japanese, and German kite design. Older technologies such as woodworking, knotting, and paper folding help complete the manifestation of each object, which originates only as a technological virtual vision. The forms are partly influenced by the structures and rigging of fishing vessels in my home city, New Bedford. The surface designs are
    created for both close and distant viewing from layered photographic elements of natural and industrial forms, and textures are selected and altered primarily for overall color effect. The shapes of the kites and individual sails are drawn to create an asymmetrical yet emblematic implied relationship with flight and wind. I print on a
    small variety of Japanese papers that I pre-coat to improve the surface reception of ink. I typically design in series, where each group of two or three share a common structure in evolution. Light and
    shadow may also play a role in displays. Ultimately, the alliance of digital design, quality paper, and sculpture becomes the medium that I am able to express myself best with, as I am able to draw directly on a variety of old and new technologies
    including photography, three-dimensional design, and printmaking.