Mark Millstein: Frequency Kites

  • ©2003, Mark Millstein

  • ©2003, Mark Millstein



    Frequency Kites


Creation Year:



    18 in x 23 in each


Artist Statement:

    Kite forms interest me because of the way that image and structure integrate to become objects loaded with many preconceptions. Kites are passive constructions interpreted as living, flying beings. The inherent animated life and idea of play implied by kites distinguishes them as a medium that is multi-dimensional and time-based.

    I think of the surface design of these kite forms as reflections. In an imagined state of suspension, floating over the earth at different distances, the aerial view becomes the macro view. Facets of the kite surface reflect different magnifications and colors as they might appear when affected by the rush of wind and sun. These kites are collectors, and the images are grabbed in a rush across space, and into and out of the trees.

    The interesting partnership of digital design with Japanese paper and the activity of folding and gluing, cutting, and bending manifest themselves as a strange but fulfilling technique. The contemplative quality of kite design and construction counters the multi-tasked fusion of editing and visual shrewdness with a finite lyrical resolve.