SIGGRAPH 2003: CG03: Computer Graphics 2003



  • Michael Wright -
    • M Ragsdale Wright Studios
    • Otis College of Art and Design

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Art Show Overview:

The Art Gallery celebrates 30 years of annual SIGGRAPH conferences with CG03: The Art of SIGGRAPH 2003. Returning to its roots, the gallery emphasizes prints, painting, sculpture, animation, and video that have a digital component in their creation.

CG03 is both a curated and juried exhibition presenting a visual force both driven by and reflective of the postmodern mosaic. Exceptional examples of state-of-the-art computer art and design selected by a group of distinguished professionals from all areas of the art community are integrated throughout the conference and in the immediate San Diego community, allowing for a greater focus on art as part of the overall media matrix. In this way, artists’ ideas, thoughts, and truths, reflecting the layered, non-linear, pluralistic nature of our times, are presented to a wider audience that can view the art in a totally different, inclusive context that emphasizes art’s non-isolated global voice. The works are international in scope, representing the diversity of interests in both theme and technique of the current artistic community yet exhibiting common visual threads: an interest in visual perception, the penetration of the Cartesian grid, and a commitment to personal artistic vision.

Following this introduction are six essays by computer graphics professionals who are involved in this year’s exhibition. These artists, art historians, authors, and curators, who have been involved in the field since the 1970s, give their perspective on the current integration of visual arts and the computer.

Michael Wright



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