Terry Calen: 2002_19

  • ©2003, Terry Calen





Creation Year:



    24 in x 24 in


Artist Statement:

    The computer provides a wonderful environment for experimentation. No materials are wasted. Setup time is minimal. Tests can be easily and quickly saved. Changes can be made and different versions can be combined. I try to take full advantage of these attributes by incorporating experimentation into my workflow. I usually begin with only a very loose concept in mind. I am often motivated by something I’ve seen. Sometimes a simple shape can begin the process. Through experimentation, I usually discover multiple directions the work could take, and I may spend months exploring these in depth, creating several images along the way. I am currently fascinated by surface relationships and how surfaces can be used as structural elements within a composition. By surfaces, I mean shapes with very little thickness. In three-dimensional modeling, surfaces with no thickness are possible but they do not convey a proper sense of form and substance. I usually want to maintain a sense of reality in my work. I want my scenes to appear to exist in real space and to have physical attributes that suggest they could exist.

    My goal is always to present more than the technology I use. I want my images to be emotionally evocative and to succeed on the basis of their visual impact rather than any implied meaning. It’s a grand expectation that may never be completely satisfied. I believe the artist’s initiative begins a process that only develops its full potential through those who experience it. I encourage you to explore for yourself and share your own creativity in the completion of this process.