Patrick Lichty: 8 Bits or Less (Series)

  • ©2003, Patrick Lichty

  • ©2003, Patrick Lichty

  • ©2003, Patrick Lichty

  • ©2003, Patrick Lichty



    8 Bits or Less (Series)


Creation Year:



    18 in x 44 in


Artist Statement:

    The 8 Bits or Less series is an outgrowth of my ongoing work in low-res digital photography using wristwatch-based digital cameras, such as the Casio WristCam. The initial print run was a result of an installation created for the New Orleans Contemporary Art Center’s “Digital Louisiana” exhibition. The installation consisted of a single-channel video installation flanked by four large-format composites of images from the video.

    To give some background on the entire body of work that centers around 8 Bits or Less, I like to consider the paintings by Gerhard Richter that took video images and usually motion blurred them into unreadability.

    Conversely, the use of a gray-scale camera with a resolution of 100 pixels² challenges the artist in terms of subject and readability. This imagery questions the ongoing conversation regarding verisimilitude in digital imagery and its transparence with reality and traditional art techniques. These wristcam images refuse high resolution, they refuse color, they refuse fluid motion, and the work presents, this using technologies that were created for the increased fidelity of digital-media representation (digital video and large-format printing).