Richard A. McCann, Janet L. Parrish-McCann: Bits of Knowledge

  • ©2003, Richard A. McCann and Janet L. Parrish-McCann



    Bits of Knowledge


Creation Year:



    Multimedia: Two cast dye-patinaed bronze skeletons, five fabricated spotlights mounted on wood billboard with external power supply, enamel paint on back surfaces


    34.5 in x 29 in x 10 in


Artist Statement:

    The setting is a 1940s-type billboard. The two skeletons installing the image are symbols of the past erecting a scene that brings us to the present with hopes for a bright future. On the left, is a clock of time encircled by a snake leaning toward two figures enclosed in a gazebo cage. The snake appears to be reaching out to their outside world. They resemble nondescript manikin-like features that stir the artist within all of us.

    The main image was created with Illustrator 9, Photoshop 7, and Painter 7.