George Zucconi: Uncontrolled Flight to Vegas

  • ©2003, George Zucconi



    Uncontrolled Flight to Vegas


Creation Year:



    32 in x 40 in


Artist Statement:

    I did not look for it. It came looking for me. And I don’t know where it came from, but there it was. Pictures speaking to me, casting a spell. All I could do was follow. And I wanted to show others that magic, to let them see the wonder that is there, to make it plainly clear, to find the visible in the invisible. Everything in nature conforms to some design developed and refined by the test of time. Discovering the wisdom embedded in this natural history is always exhilarating. The commonplace is miraculous if rightly seen, if recognized. The richness of nature and life begs one to form a collage from its objects, to reassemble fragments in such a way as to form a new picture.

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