Bonny Lhotka: Baby Doll

  • ©2003, Bonny Lhotka



    Baby Doll


Creation Year:



    14 in x 32 in


Artist Statement:

    Known as an experimental mixed-media artist, I combine digital tools with traditional media to create my art. Blending these tools has required innovation and creation of new processes. I use mirrors, sand, dirt, glass, Plexiglas, metal, paint, and digital imaging to add visual richness to my art.

    I’ve used images of discarded objects to weave a fantasy, sometimes incorporating puppets, dolls, and mannequins, and other such treasures into a fertile garden where the complex assemblage of meaning is visible to the unconscious. I combine fragments of objects, dreams, and reality to illuminate the connection between life and death, technology, and the human spirit.

    These images may trigger generational memories without conscious thought. The archeology of the mind displays moments frozen in universal time. Some images are animated through the use of lenticular imaging. They gain depth and power much as time itself may reach terrible or wondrous slowness for a moment before continuing its eternal march onward.

    A unifier of these individual components, the lenticular lens enables the creation of this moment of timeless reality. It bars viewers from entering the artificial world, yet enables them to understand the dimensionality of the creative intent. The artistic vision, brought to order from chaos, unifies time and space in a visual dimension that is only possible with lenticular imaging.

    Baby Doll is imaged on a surface like cracked ceramic. This custom surface is coated with inkAID-enabled imaging on a flat-bed printer. This image addresses the roles children are expected to adopt as they mature. At times ominous, it raises questions of lost innocence.

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