Greg Klamt: A Forbidden Love

  • ©2003, Greg Klamt



    A Forbidden Love


Creation Year:



    25 in x 30 in


Artist Statement:

    I have been integrating traditional media with digital technology since 1982. blend photography, drawings, paintings, etchings, found objects, and other resources with digital painting techniques in an original style I call Technorganic PhotoSurrealism. My goal is to create an organic feel by combining traditional techniques and materials with technology to integrate these varied sources. The computer allows me flexibility and power available in no other medium.

    My greatest inspiration is nature. I am fascinated with form and texture, both natural and man-made. I study and photograph rocks, sand, plants, old paint peeling off of walls, anything that might feed my creativity, my image library, and my understanding of natural form and color. I also create mixed-media paintings, marbling, and other abstract textural elements that I can incorporate. combining these resources with my layering techniques, I have created a wide variety of textures to use in my work and to inspire images that tell stories.

    Influenced by surrealism and fantasy art, classical paintings, graphic design, and illustrative styles, I seek to investigate realms beyond normal consciousness. There are amazing untapped mysteries in the twilight of the subconscious and the infinite depths of the imagination. I like to think of my subject matter as “Possible Moments in Improbable Worlds.”

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