Kent Oberheu: Golgi Cisternae

  • ©2003, Kent Oberheu



    Golgi Cisternae


Creation Year:



    26 in x 27 in


Artist Statement:

    Impressions of activity in the cycle of a golgi complex. The form was modeled as a low-resolution metaball object. The resulting mesh was used as a cage for a subdivision surface. The subdivision surface was rotated through a deformation field, in a loop of 1,800 frames. The animation was then reviewed by overlapping different states of the model to try different composition options. Three separate state/frames of the deformation were chosen and rendered at high resolution to be used in compositing the final image.

Technical Information:

    Modeling and animation: Maxon, Cinema 4D.
    Compositing: Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop.