Kent Oberheu: Frozen Etude

  • ©2002, Kent Oberheu



    Frozen Etude


Creation Year:



    inkjet on watercolor paper


    17 x 9.5 inches


Artist Statement:

    In this piece, I explore the potential diagrammatic and emotive qualities of a musical composition. An etude is a composition that is meant as a means to develop skill in performance. This is echoed in the work as a technical approach to breakdown of the composition into two dimensions.

Technical Information:

    I use the computer in this work as a means to create, investigate, and manipulate forms to convey the idea. The fluidity of the medium coupled with the ability to rework portions of a multilayered piece are particularly significant in my work.

Process Information:

    I view the process as a series of elements coming together. The states depicted are significant milestones in the development of the piece. When working, I tend to develop ideas in the form of a branching grid. Only pieces that are relevant to the final work are illustrated in the final grid.