Marc J. Barr: Entry 1

  • ©2003, Marc J. Barr



    Entry 1


Creation Year:



    30 in x 12 in


Artist Statement:

    I’ve been working with computer technology and industrial types of processes with traditional art methods and materials since the mid-1980s. In this piece, the basic forms were drawn with the aid of a computer and various software applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, and Maya) and then output and used as guides for cutting various-sized clay slabs. The 20 surfaces were derived from photographic images that were digitized, manipulated, and then screen-printed onto the slabs, using a ceramic slip (similar in composition to printers’ acrylic inks). The textural or relief surfaces were created with the aid of a laser engraver that uses images for burning into rubber and polymer sheets. These sheets were then pressed into the wet clay slabs.

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