Holly Willis: H5’s “Remind Me” (From the Best of RESFEST)

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    H5's "Remind Me" (From the Best of RESFEST)


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    Today’s cutting-edge filmmaking is all about creative collision and inspired convergence, as artists from wildly different backgrounds use computer-based tools to create exhilarating, hybrid projects that unite music, storytelling, video games, animation, music video, abstract art, and the lines, symbols, and logos from the world of graphic design. And this is the sort of work favored by RESFEST, an international, traveling festival of innovative shorts, music videos, design films, and features.

    RESFEST, along with RES Magazine, was founded in 1997 as a showcase for work that employs digital technology (whether in the form of new DV cameras, desktop-editing systems, or animation applications) in innovative ways. Early on, the festival’s goals were to meet with filmmaking communities across the world, sharing ideas and techniques, and to offer a venue for cutting-edge work not screened anywhere else. The festival has grown steadily over the last several years, and it now travels to 10 cities on six continents.

    As digital tools have become ubiquitous in both the production and post-production spheres of filmmaking, the festival’s digital emphasis has been replaced by tie simple desire to showcase projects that push the boundaries of form and storytelling.

    This best of RESFEST screening presents a survey of projects from the 2002 festival: experimental documentaries, music videos, design films, animations, and live action/animation hybrids. In each project, filmmakers leave behind musty notions of realism in favor of creatively exploring the collision of the real and the fabricated in a series of kinetic, often music-based projects that delve into peculiar corners of history, offer the perfect depiction of a data-obsessed culture, or portray the delicate ripples of love and loss. In each project in the show, viewers will find some thrilling twist when the depiction of reality gets tweaked!