Kent Manske: Isms, Otics, & Ologies

  • ©2003, Kent Manske



    Isms, Otics, & Ologies


Creation Year:



    Epson 2000P, Epson Archival Ink, Somerset Velvet 225 gsm


    19.5 in x 14 in x 1.5 in


Artist Statement:

    Introspection drives my need to create. Processing thoughts, ideas, and observations is the nature of my studio activity. Through the creation of images and objects, I explore my being and belongingness. This investigation helps me access my own truths and facilitates my understanding of the world in a broader context.

    I am an image maker who creates visual symbols as instruments to understand and communicate feelings and perceptions. The works function as conscious maps, providing visual routes for interpreting ideas and making meaning. Each mark metaphorically documents an experience, comments on a situation, or reveals a process of thinking.

    Printmaking processes (traditional and digital) serve the conceptual development of my images and satisfy my passion for working with materials. Completed works are realized as fine art prints, artists’ books, and objects. As form, the book provides order, structure, and sequence for communication and exchange. I use the efficiency of the codex for its fixed sequence and boundedness, and the boxed portfolio for its characteristics of containment and embodiment. Within these conceptual spaces, relationships emerge, narrative evolves, and meaning manifests.

    Isms, Otics & Ologies is a boxed portfolio of 12 digital prints. Individual prints are signed and numbered in an edition of 28.