Jon Meyer: #86b.1

  • ©2005, Jon Meyer





Creation Year:



    Digital C print


    30 inches x 24 inches


Artist Statement:

    These two images are part of an ongoing series of multiperspective collages I started in 2001. To construct the collages, I start by taking dozens of digital photographs of an environment. Then I use perspective warps to map the images to a nearly orthographic projection. Finally, I position the
    warped images in a three-dimensional computer model. The results are presented both as screen-based computer installations and as still images. In the installations, I show the models rotating in real
    time but disable the hardware depth buffer, further collapsing the image plane.My intention is to create spaces that simultaneously evoke the real, the imaginary, and the virtual (imediated reality), without letting the viewer settle on any one reading. The images and installations emphasize the co-existence and co-dependence of these three
    modes of experience. The work is inspired by Lorie Novak’s multiple-exposure images and by David Hockney’s Polaroid montages.

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