Kenneth A. Huff: 2004.5

  • ©2005, Kenneth A. Huff





Creation Year:



    Chromogenic print


    40 inches x 61 inches x 1 inch, framed


Artist Statement:

    discover: to make known or visible; to obtain sight or knowledge of for the first time.
    Miriam-Webster Online Dictionary, 2004
    From the first tracing of a finger along the spiral of a seashell, our lives are permeated with the joy of discovery. Forms, patterns, and experiences are layered in our memories and become part of the fundamental cognitive framework through which we identify and classify the world. Tapping into these primal connections, this work evokes a desire to understand and makes possible the thrill of discovering something new. At a distance, these almost familiar forms engage the mind, beginning
    a journey of examination and interaction. There is no reference of scale, and the viewer is drawn closer, searching for additional clues that might aid in identification. With each step, the structures trigger subliminal reactions based on past experiences. In the end, the viewer is left with undefinable organic connections suspended in
    the deliberate ambiguity of the work, an ambiguity not so abstract as to be without some connection to experience or nature. The creations are abstract, organic, three-dimensional constructions, and while the subject matter is entirely imagined, the works are executed in a highly detailed, photorealistic manner. Inspiration is drawn from a variety of natural patterns and forms, combining ideas from a
    number of sources rather than creating literal reconstructions. Overarching themes based on ideas from mathematics and the sciences also weave through the body of work. With a sense of true understanding
    placed just out of reach, the experience of the work is in a constant state of renewal and discovery.