Kenneth A. Huff: 2006.7 (Elemental Series)

  • ©2008, Kenneth A. Huff



    2006.7 (Elemental Series)


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Artist Statement:

    There are many natural events I find fundamentally intriguing: for example, sparks flying from embers of a fire, waves of lightning rolling in a thunderstorm, or trees swaying in a breeze. With sustained observation of these events, I find myself in a meditative state, relaxed but also actively, mindfully engaged. I develop my work to explore similar ephemeral phenomena, to gently abstract their essences, and to create new contemplative experiences. I evoke many overlapping natural rhythms and time scales, from the darting of our eyes as we take in the world to the ever-changing rhythms of our breathing, from the breaking of waves to the changing of seasons. In this work inspired by underwater patterns of light, life, and movement, we are accompanied by a series of companions, one constant, others slowly passing as they emerge from the darkness. The exact subject matter is kept purposefully ambiguous, encouraging a broad range of associations.