Martina Hofflin: Elf

  • ©2005, Pascal Glissmann and Martina Hofflin





Creation Year:



    (electronic life forms- robots)


Artist Statement:

    Robots still do not have the abilities that science and fiction promised us. Therefore, our work is focused on very simple near-life approaching systems. “Elfs” are small mechanical systems powered by solar energy that behave as natural living systems in many aspects. Viewers’ immediate compassion for these life forms is an amazing experience, even though their abilities are very limited. Elf is a two-part installation developed in the context of a research
    project by Pascal Glissmann and Martina Hofflin. On one hand, the “elfs” are documented in their natural habitat, and the fading contrast of electronics and nature gives the scenario a surprisingly lifelike feeling. On the other hand, the imprisonment of these life forms in WeckPreserving- Glasses reminds one of childhood adventures, exploring and discovering the world around us. The light-sensitive “elfs” desperately use their chaotic sounds and noisy movements to request the attention of the outside world.The motivation for this project is an enthusiasm for creating living
    things, observing their independent behaviors in thed lab and nature, and watching peoples’ reactions when they get acquainted with simple life forms. In this case, art is technology. The artists do not rebuild organic creatures with the feeling that they are being forced to use ugly technology. They explore technology, especially small electronic components and their functions. It is fascinating to use very unorganic material, put it together so that it is still recognizable, and add some simple, pure function that conveys a lifelike expression. The whole idea of this project is exploration of technology and putting it in a new context or environment or perspective that questions the relationship among technology, nature, and humans.

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